Day of Praise and Prayer

  • Event Date: September 29, 2018
  • Time: 09:00 AM
  • Location:
  • Address:

A day of prayer and praise for the community in Newmarket and District, finishing with a service of praise in the evening.


10am-12pm |  All Saints’ Church, Newmarket | Open for Prayer
11am-1pm | Newmarket Community Church | Open for Prayer
12pm-2pm | SS Philip & Etheldreda’s Church, Newmarket | Open for Prayer
2pm-4pm | St Mary’s Church, Newmarket | Open for Prayer
3pm-5pm | St Martin’s Church, Exning | Open for Prayer

6.30pm-8pm | All Saints’ Church | Service of Praise and Prayer

Other churches may be open during the day, but unmanned, including in Borough Green, Brinkley, Carlton, Dullingham, Exning, Stetchworth, Westley Waterless.

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